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MAP film

MAP film (Modified Atmosphere Package) uses the technology that when storing in the refrigerator after packing food.
Minimize the condensation phenomenon of water vapor so that increases the shelf life and maintains freshness.

Features and advantages of Austlon MAP

  • It is applicable to PP and PE Tray simultaneously.
  • Sealing temperature in a wide range of 120 ~ 175℃.
  • 20% cost reduction by applying PP Tray.
  • Surface printing possible.
  • Applicable to In-Line Tray Machine and can be simultaneously applied to Semi Rigid Film.

Application & Products

Specifications and standards of MAP film

Division AUSTLON Shrinkable LID Film Non-shrinkable LID film
Thickness 25um 40~100um
Shrink 6~30% Non Shrink
Width 250~650mm 300~1000mm
Length Customer spec Customer spec
OTR 12cc 6cc
Print Surface Printing Inside Printing
Sealant PE/PP PE/PP
Easy Peel Not Available Available